Organizing our Diversity

Flexibility, innovation and diversification of the scope, are key words to finish the homogeneity of common companies. Nowadays exist a new fashion in big enterprises that is paying more attention than billing, and is how to organize our diversity; I think this is very important to our organization.

A closed, rigid, and stock system will never accomplish the needs of this very changing world, is really important to have golden rules, but as you may know, a big corporation templates and procedures are always changing, is like a constant evolution that could never ends, and this is a good news, because every employee and nowadays companies in general are in constant evolution too.

In the education system you can find a weird homogenizing structure, where everybody must have the same talent and pass the same exam, their goals are exactly the same for everybody, it looks like if they are building and standard product, where everybody has the same conduct, no different cultures, attitudes or leadership, they don’t care about extra-thinking students. Some of their ways are obsolete and more if we talk about what technology companies needs.

Today’s education system has many flaws, namely that everyone gets taught the same things in a way which attempts to mold students into perfect folks for the workforce. The student to teacher ratio is so high, there is no time or space to cater to everybody needs. There are of course exceptions. The teachers we remember are the ones who took extra time to help us, who motivated and inspired us. They worked outside of their contractual obligations to make sure we were getting the attention and care we needed for our knowledge to grow. They took the extra time to ensure the success of the student. The special teacher I remember always had a way to make me feel like it was okay to ask questions when I was unsure, they helped to point me in the right direction. They would sometimes take time to change their teaching method just so I would understand. Like a mentor would do.

Now we find an multi-cultural environment, where the goals are accomplished by teams, where everybody is and student and a mentor, and similar to reality the company evaluate and knows the different talent in each one of us, the methods are always changing, and the training are very related with our talents and the business requirements, If you feel embarrassed to make a question you aren’t right, because making a question you are showing interest, commitment, curiosity and a knowledge searcher, maybe some girl don’t have persuasion but very good in networking, other guy failed in negotiation skills but he knows the most deep storage secrets, when another partner is a perfect leader and organizer but is not so technical. This is big part of business intelligence, as organized teams we reach the goals, with respect, evolution and hard work.

“Nobody is Good at everything but Everybody is Good at Something”

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