ETHernitymining pre sale opens 17th of May!!!!!!

ETHernitymining is the most recent crypto mining project in crypto space. Their main goal is to provide a top notch mining service as a respond to all unprofitable mining services around on the internet. There are many mining services offered on the internet, but on the one hand there are a lot of scams and on the other hand the real cloud mining services very often don’t turn our profitable at the end of the contract or even become unprofitable before the contract expires.

ETM provides a mining service that combines the most…

ETHernitymining has launched its ICO/referral platform.

On the general website you can find all the necessary information and the white paper.

If you like what you read you can sign up on the ETM ICO and referral platform by following After signing up you enter your ICO dashboard where you can manage and track your token purchases and you referral details.

Untill 15th of May you can purchase tokens at the cheapest price of 0.12$/ETM token. After that price will increase to 0.15$ in public pre sale and 0.17–0.20$ during the public token sale.

There is a 4…


ETHernitymining, 100% green, renewable crypto mining project. Join our token sale and receive a weekly profit share on your purchased tokens

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