Being Bliss 17 Law of Attraction BK Shivani Hindi

via IFTTT visit my site to learn how to manifest your goal fast Main Points from the episode 17 * Law of Attraction does not mean YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT, it actually means YOU GET WHAT YOU ARE. Our thoughts and words are what we are, these vibrate to the universe and we get them back. * WHAT YOU ARE is a soul carrying — sanskars and karmic accounts. So what we are going to get will be according to our sanskars and karmic accounts. Thoughts create destiny, is always true for the soul, whether in this costume or an earlier one. Costumes may change but the thoughts created then will still create our destiny. * Destiny is created according to our qualities and skills of the present and also karmic accounts of the past. Even if we are not getting the desired result, do not let any of the present qualities and karma decline. If we create jealousy, insecurity, anxiety, then we are creating a negative present. * Accept the past carry forward and keep yourself strong and motivated in the present. If the present remains powerful and positive we will gradually settle the past, and create beautiful karma which will influence our present and our future. Searches related to Being Bliss 17 Law of Attraction BK Shivani Hindi bk shivani being bliss 2 bk shivani being bliss 12 bk shivani being bliss 38 bk shivani being bliss 34 being bliss 20 being bliss 19 being bliss 21 being bliss 22
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 September 23, 2016 at 01:19PM

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