Hero Node Project Progress Report(10.22–11.2)

Hero Node Project Progress Report(10.22–11.2)


Node optimization

- Optimized IPFS file access interface, additional interface support for string type storage.

- Cross-domain issues when resolving reverse proxies.

- Add interface definitions for storage middleware and initially develop storage resource consumption policies.

Mobile browser

- Complete the process of creating and importing a cool wallet for iOS.

- The overall interface setup is 50% complete.

Front-end development

- Modify the page layout style of the Hero-store merchant section, which is iOS-compliant and compatible with mobile styles.

- Local test MetaMask, ethjs, call to create merchants, add, delete sellers and other smart contracts.

-Hero-iOS has adapted the iOS 11 to fix some bugs on the interface.

-Hero-signature (iOS) is under development.

- Implement Hero image view Upload image and click to enlarge image function.

- Resolve compatibility issues with older versions of the Hero picker view.

Hero Mobile perfect development

-Hero Mobile works with js-side test development.

- Development of the Hero Mobile project example, adjustment of the js page, and optimization of the Android side logic.


1. On October 25th, members of the Hero Node operations team participated in the blockchain media CoinVoice product upgrade conference. The conference invited many investment institutions, innovative projects and well-known media in the industry to improve the product system, clarify the development direction and fully integrate resources so that it truly becomes a platform to link the industry ecology and promote the development of the industry.

2. On October 25th, members of the Hero Node operation team participated in the CFO Vientiane Festival and 2018 Caizhi Future Summit Forum sponsored by Gordon Education Group, Gaodeng Finance and Taxation College and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Business School. The main forum was divided into CFO Leadership and Corporate Responsibility and Fortune Technology and Embracing the Future are designed to create a rich feast for the industry.

3. On October 26th, members of the Hero Node operation team participated in the product launch conference of FORCE UP, the first product of IPFS Force Zone in Shanghai. FORCE UP is an IPFS-based federated solution. Committed to establishing a trusted network based on 5G network, without mining currency transactions, automatic storage backup and intelligent acceleration, improve user service quality and security; and FORCE UP automatically encrypts and securely shares private data, providing commercialization for the next step. Feasibility is provided; FORCE UP is combined with the IPFS network to provide an easy-to-use, free service.

4. On October 27th, members of the Hero Node operations team participated in the Bit Bang event, “Discussion of the No-Coin Blockchain.” George S., head of EOS Cannon Fund, said that the most important thing in the currency-free blockchain is the emergence of business models that demonstrate economic value. Cai Minjie, CEO of GJ Exchange, introduced the application scenarios of the coin-free blockchain, including super-books and cross-border payments. EOS Cannon community co-founded fat brother said that the blockchain is born with coins, but the coin-free blockchain also has its application scenarios, including scenes that do not require token incentives.


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