Why you should consider buying an electric vehicle?

The world today faces two major challenges - global warming and depletion of energy resources. Air pollution is one of the main causes of global warming. In recent years, pollution levels have increased considerably in India and other countries. The pollution caused by gas guzzling vehicles has led to the deterioration of air-quality in many of India’s major cities. India and other countries are in real need to reduce carbon emissions and bring down air pollution levels. One of the most effective ways to reduce air pollution is to reduce the number of diesel/petrol vehicles plying on roads. This is where electric vehicles can prove to be very useful.

Electric vehicles run on electricity. They use energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Electric motor bikes are fast emerging as the best alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. In recent years, the popularity of these vehicles has increased considerably in India. There was a time when electric vehicles were associated with limited driving range. However, with better models and improved infrastructure, it has gone on to become a thing of the past.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should buy an electric vehicle:

  • Electric vehicles are environment-friendly. Several studies have confirmed that replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with electric vehicles is one of the most effective ways to bring down air pollution. So, if you’re concerned about the deteriorating air-quality in your city and want your children to breathe cleaner air, you should definitely consider using an electric motor bike.
  • They are quite safe to operate. Most electric vehicles available today come equipped with smart safety features that make them quite safe. Most of these vehicles are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Unlike what many people believe, these batteries are safe and are not prone to fire.
  • They are economical to use and you may end up saving a significant amount of money. Earlier, high costs of electric vehicles used to prevent people from buying these vehicles. However, this has changed a lot today. As the technology continues to improve, not just the performance of these vehicles has become better but the cost of these too has come down significantly. Despite initial costs, buying an electric vehicle makes a lot of financial sense as you can make huge savings over time.

Many people think that electric vehicles don’t have any positive impact on the environment as the production of electricity involves the burning of fossil fuels. There is no denying the fact that in many countries including India, electricity is produced by burning of coal. But even if you take into consideration the electricity utilized to power an electric two wheeler, your electric vehicle will still be cleaner than other types of vehicles.

With many more people realizing the advantages of using electric vehicles, the demand for electric motor bikes and cars has gone up. In India, the use of electric vehicles can go a long way when it comes to bringing down pollution level in the cities.

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