Australia’s Finest Teams Up with Heroes Chained!

Heroes Chained partners with Kosmos Ventures to accelerate stunning new blockchain game

Heroes Chained
3 min readDec 21, 2021

Australia Calling!

Heroes Chained is very proud to announce our first partnership from “Down Under” with one of Australia’s finest companies, Kosmos! This brings “Kosmos” to the metaverse in a significant investment that will speed up the development and rollout of Heroes Chained (HC). It is incredible news for HC, the first real-time fantasy action RPG card game, where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes to free the world of Ventuna. Ultimately, it means that players will enjoy our investment in world-class video game development and Hollywood special effects talent sooner!

A Rising Star in the Kosmos!

“We are very pleased that the premier Australian blockchain investment firm has decided to invest in Heroes Chained”, commented Erhan Taskin, CEO of Inventuna Games, “This investment will allow players to get their first taste of Heroes Chained and our unique Play and Earn approach in an accelerated manner”.

“Heroes Chained is attracting a lot of attention as an AAA-rated game from legendary game producers and graphic designers”, said Jay Mehta CEO Kosmos Ventures, “Names such as Mev Dinc are legendary in gaming circles and combined with the Hollywood talent of Onur Can Cayli and the success achieved by Ersin and Erhan Taskin, I am confident that our investment will be key in their success”.

The Kosmos Backstory

Kosmos Ventures is a dynamic investment firm from Australia founded in early 2017, focused on helping blockchain start-ups scale and integrate their technology into our future. Plus, they possess decades of combined experience from Citigroup, Group, Renaissance Capital, Magic Leap and Chevron which is fantastic for Heroes chained. Incredibly, with over 100 investments since inception, they were among the early backers of projects like Algorand, Oasis, Solana, NuCypher. Equally, they were early investors in Polkadot, Filecoin and Icon, all of which generated exceptional returns for their clients! This is a real coup for the Heroes Chained team to have a stellar investment from Australia.

All About Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained (HC) is the first real-time fantasy action RPG game, where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes. It introduces the “Play And Earn” concept to GameFi, challenging “Play To Earn”. It starts the “GameFi for game first” and “game first for GameFi” memes.

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Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained is a fantasy action RPG game, where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes. It is #PlayAndEarn time (