The Dance Of Change

Tap. Tap. Tap. It’s just another series of words, arranged and folded to invoke nothing or everything or perhaps something in between. That is the way of this world right now; confusing, blurring, erasing, anything, all is used to lead the majority away from a coherent union of minds that can change the world. Transcend perhaps, but even that word is poisoned, along with many others used to describe and teach an individual that their power comes from within to change all that is without.

Many call for Outliers, Mavericks the true meaning of such long forgotten, moulded to fit the casting of ideology that imprisons society now. That illusion holds strong over the unconscious mind of the many, each blinded to the false light beamed at their physical entity daily; the vital few, each fragment positioning for control, always fearing the loss as natural evolution takes over.

Those that truly do break free from the Earth’s best ‘training escape room' are further saddled with a heavier burden: the unconscious, from all domains, are asking for help, they are even saying all the right words, but none can escape the gravity that holds them tightly to Earth’s core. To escape such a broken crumbling arena, sometimes seeking the old souls that predate Outliers, Mavericks and more from modern times will help guide you to a new world.