New Podcast “Heroine” launches featuring intimate conversations with creative women leaders in design, tech, and business.

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Heroine a new podcast about women’s creative leadership launches today (subscribe here to receive new episodes) with the riveting heroine’s journey of Roz Savage, first woman to row solo across three oceans. This new, weekly podcast hosted by Maria Molfino, women’s leadership coach with a Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology from Stanford, will feature in-depth interviews with creative women leaders, risk-takers, and entrepreneurs, as well as a series of short “professional wisdom” episodes to help unlock creative confidence.

“Like the creative process, the heroine’s journey is long and messy, so I wanted to get the real stories of these women…ordinary women who happen to do extraordinary things because they embrace the unknown. That’s what leadership and creativity have in common, and that’s what we want this culture supporting women to do,” says Molfino. “The show is perfect for the creative woman looking to feel inspired by other women while expanding her own leadership potential.”

Meet the Featured Women

Heroine interviewees have landed in headlines at Forbes, TechCrunch, TED, Fast Company, GigaOm, The Wall Street Journal, O, The Oprah Magazine, Refinery29, CreativeMornings, and The Great Discontent.

They include:

  • Roz Savage — World record breaking ocean rower, TED speaker
  • Dr. Vivienne Ming — Theoretical neuroscientist and technologist
  • Marian Goodell — Founding member and CEO of Burning Man
  • Andréa Mallard — Brand officer @ Omada Health, formerly IDEO
  • Katie Dill — Head of Experience Design @ Airbnb, formerly Frog
  • Ash Huang — Independent designer, formerly Pinterest & Twitter

After spearheading Women in Design, a series of intimate, SF-based events (featured in Fast Company in 2011 and 2015) that share the stories of the top women leaders in design and tech, Molfino started Heroine as a way to continue the conversation and dig deeper into the stories of such inspiring women.

Upcoming episodes

The weekly podcast will alternate between interviews with women creative leaders and short professional advice episodes (kicking off with a ten-episode series on creative confidence).

  • Podcast Episode #1: Discomfort & Risk: How and why does a management consultant become the first woman to row across three oceans? How does she overcome the ocean at night, and above all, the doubts swirling in her own mind? Roz Savage, environmental advocate and TED speaker, shares the specific process that set her on this wild adventure — one that you can do in under ten minutes. Released today!
  • Podcast Episode #2: Following the Rules: Little girls outperform boys in school because they do their homework, listen to their teachers, and follow the rules. But that can backfire when it comes to creative leadership. Writer and coach Maria Molfino explains why and how following rules could be blocking you in unexpected ways. Released today!
  • Podcast Episode #3: Meaning Over Happiness: If you believed you could never be happy, would you go on living? That’s the question that echoed in Dr. Vivienne Ming’s mind when she contemplated killing herself, before she became a woman, mom, neuroscientist, technologist, and LGBT advocate. Dr. Ming shares more about the wisdom that saved her life, and how it led her to focus on the one superpower that predicts success over and over again.
  • Podcast Episode #4: Fixed Mindset: Host Maria Molfino shares how a fixed mindset — believing things about yourself cannot change — is blocking your creative confidence.

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