Fumbling Towards UXtasy Issue #2: Creating Writing Examples

Lisa Rabey
3 min readJan 11, 2024
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Growing up, I wanted to write for Rolling Stone.

Instead, over my professional life, I wrote tech papers, articles, social media posts, emails, press releases, and other content of all shapes and sizes across a variety of industries. In my personal life, I write graphic novel reviews, book and movie reviews, and opinion pieces ranging from mental health to feminism and pop culture. I also keep an active newsletter that acts as a diary and weekly writing schedule.

In short, I write a lot on a lot of topics across a lot of platforms.

When applying for jobs, employers want to see CTA (call to action) text, micro copy, and editing examples. The hiccup, with me, is due to the proprietary content in previous employment, I cannot provide those examples. I felt stuck and disappointed. I want to become a UX designer, hopefully a UX writer, and here I am scrambling to get simple examples together.

But then, I had an idea!

First, I dug up the assignments for the tech writing class I took a few years ago. One of the assignments was to take a description of a product and re-write it to be succinct, clear, and easy to understand. The original description is 220 words not including the title. My version? 44 words not including the title. Here is an example of micro copy.

Secondly, I found examples I wrote for a job opportunity a few years ago of a social media post, an article, and a press release. This illustrates my ability to write in different voices across various channels from the playfulness of the social media post to the more professional tone of the press release. It is also a good example of clarity, length and limits of the content.

I also found additional writing examples for other job opportunities over the years. Some of the articles are old (one is about the demise of Google+ which I wrote in 2015!) but I saw a lot of promise to them. I cleaned up the language, grammar, and intent to make it fresh copy. While the topic may be out of date, the examples showcase my tone, voice, and understanding of grammar.

Finally, writing these posts on Medium on my foray into UX design and writing is another great example of my writing experience. Publicly posting, and using taxonomy to spread my posts gets my content out there.

Linking everything on my portfolio page, along with my UX design portfolio, gives potential employers ideas of what I can and cannot do.

If you’re like me, and finding examples of your handiwork is difficult, this is a great opportunity to be creative and innovative. Review products and services. Create examples of micro copy by writing a social media post, press release, and article on a product or service. Use an existing product and re-write the copy, error pages, and CTA buttons. Once you’re done, create PDFs of those documents and link to them from your portfolio page. Give a short explanation of what the employer is looking at so they understand your practice.

There is a world of ways to create opportunities for yourself by innovation and out of the box thinking. Don’t let the bastards get you down!



Lisa Rabey

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