On Immigration, Bernie Sanders is Not Who He Says He Is.
Dolores Huerta

Bernie may be a perfect and ideologically pure rainbow unicorn of a candidate, but sadly he would be DESTROYED in a general election: Americans simply won’t vote for someone who promises to raise everyone’s taxes, no matter how many good reasons he has for such a plan. The Republican slime machine hasn’t unleashed one single breath of an attack yet on Sanders, but if they were to begin he would TANK in the polls. They’ll just say “Socialist” over and over, they’ll put up ads talking about he took his honeymoon in the Soviet Union (true or not), and they’ll scare Americans to death about him. He would lose 47 states in the general election. The idealistic young people who support him don’t remember Mondale, or Dukakis, or McGovern. The surest way to get a President Trump is to support Sanders. I appreciate what Sanders has done to raise issues and move Hillary left. Great work! But now it’s time to realize the life-or-death consequences of this election, and to do everything we can to defeat Trump. Trashing Hillary, who is imperfect, is really a dangerous thing at this point. She was a pretty great Senator for my state, a pretty great First Lady, and a pretty great Secretary of State. She is the most experienced presidential candidate perhaps of all time, and will fight against rising Republican threats to a higher minimum wage, expanded health care, immigrant’s rights, and civil rights.

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