My Experience in Andela’s Boot Camp

To whom much is given, much is expected — Luke 12:48

After finishing my Home based study test, interviews and what have you, I waited patiently for the confirmation and mail invitation to Cycle XX boot camp. The rumoured date that the emails would go out passed with me refreshing my email application every five minutes and rushed to check my email application for every new email alert. Thankfully, Thursday morning the invitation mail was sent and I got invited. Happiness ran through my veins.

Boot camp has been a bit stressful (that’s me being honest) and challenging but with the few things I have learnt so far, I have been able to have a change of mindset regarding how I see the issues faced thus far in bootcamp. I could go on listing everything I have learnt in this few days, but that’s story for some other time. But the eye opener has certainly been, how closely knitted Mathematics and Computer Science(Programming) are. I have had cause to know a few things about the relationship between them: notable example is the Sieve of Eratosthenes to find prime numbers.

This sums up my experience so far. Tomorrow is another day.

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