4 Steps Design Hight Frequency Transformer Only 30 Second

This article is going to teach how to use “ Transformer Design ” App creates hight frequency power transformer specifications that you need in 30 second. Of course, you have to send it to the manufacturer by yourself and we will offer this service as soon as possible.

First of all, you have to now what kind of circuit topology you want to make ( Circuit toolbar button ), and enter the input/output voltage the spec requests. Usually, Vin is the minimum working voltage that the circuit needs, the value of AC/DC can auto modify by the lift-tup button. Normally DC value means the minimum input DC Bus voltage of circuit, AC value is the minimum input RMS (always expressed as root-mean-square ) voltage of utility power. If the PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit is not be implemented at input, the relationship is 1.414 from AC to DC by rectifier.

Fig.1 AC to DC with rectifier

Second Choose Core Type and Size (Core Type toolbar button) :

There are 6 core type including EI, EE, EER, RM, EFD, ETD in App Rev 2.1 , tapping any one of them that get in to the core size list page, select what size you want finished this step. If you want to check the dimensions more detail, please tap the “ Detail ” button at right top.

Fig.2 EI core size list page

Third step Choose Core Material ( Material toolbar button )

Now there are 5 manufactures including ENCORE , EPCOS , Ferroxcube, TDK , Magnetics with more than 36 ferrite materials have been supported by “ Transformer Design ” App and we will appreciate if some others you can recommend.

Fig.3 Core manufactures and their materials

The same operation, selected the ferrite material on any cell, the core loss analysis page is going to show immediately, then you just have to modify the switching frequency “ F ”, the maximum change value of flux density “ ∆B ” and the working temperature “ T ” at the same time, it will lat you know how much core loss is in that situation and drawing the core-loss curve for you.

Fig.4 Core loss analysis on the operation point

Final Step Modify the Factor and Double Check (Spec Report button)

Fig.5 Modify the design factor

All design factor can be modified by the slider bar and the calculated results are show in the end of this page, please double check the Spec can be met or not ?

Fig.6 Double check the Spec-request immediately