Real Herpes Cures In 2019? HSV Breakthrough

Are you looking for a herpes cure in 2019? We all are. Are you sure what a real cure for hsv would be? Are you certain it doesn’t exist or is impossible to find?

You will find a list of suggested herpes cures here. I will provide my honest feedback on many of them.
Let me tell you more about real cures for herpes versus those that are total scams

If you want to know what a cure should be, please visit my herpes cure breakthrough video. I don’t mean a herpes vaccine that would protect people who never got it.

But first, let me tell you more here about real cures for herpes versus the total scams.

Herpes Cures: From Stupid to Scary

As far as miracle gels and exotic sounding snake oils are concerned, steer clear from these because you are only going to waste your time and money with them. There are bogus companies who bottle up these cures for herpes and hope to sell their products to ignorant people. Make sure you are cautious when you encounter a company or retailer that seems suspicious. If you hear any cures that are remotely unscientific, it is best to exercise the strongest caution and not subject your body to them.

Examples of unreliable herpes treatments or cures for herpes scams:

Pulsating Light devices

Uses of certain frequencies of light and pulsating devices as herpes cures have no scientific basis, so do not waste your time pursuing them. I have read countless testimonials of people being ripped off by such companies, left only with their bitterness.


Another powerful and lingering scam is DMSO. Not only DMSO is potentially harmful, it can also cause allergic eczema and the product is often found to be low in quality which could hurt you even more. DMSO can work in some instances and help you prevent or stop herpes outbreaks once or twice, but you’ll pay it in the long run. You’re putting yourself at risk with DMSO because it is a solvent. It can take anything that is small enough to go through your skin with it, directly into your bloodstream.

Unfounded high prices:

Signs of other breakthrough scams include overpriced products. When I first started studying herpes products I saw a product that contained a very cheap ingredient sold at 30 times its worth. Fortunately, this product is gone now. However, a certain company is selling homeopathic remedies right now as the ultimate herpes cure. I must agree that homeopathy, when used consistently and wisely, can indeed rid someone of herpes symptoms. However homeopathy is cheap and what should normally cost about $35 a month, costs more than $100 on some websites. I have offered support to customers who have found themselves victimized by companies who are selling overpriced products. One penniless, university law student thought that a certain overpriced product would be the end of his problems and purchased about $300 worth of products. I contacted him one and a half months later and he wasn’t cured. Homeopathy is inexpensive, but it takes time and some companies are wrongfully selling these remedies as the next miracle cure.

Misleading miracle herpes cures:

Other things are not really scams but they tend to market good herpes products falsely as herpes miracle breakthrough cures. For example, lysine and prunella vulgaris are not cures for herpes. They can help but taken separately, they don’t keep herpes symptoms away.

Herpes Cures: The Truth in 2019

Although there are many supplements that claim to strengthen the body’s immune system, these prove to be of little use. Supplements such as lysine and bee pollen extracts help in the control of the disease for temporary periods, but are not entirely successful in combating the virus for a prolonged amount of time.
Alternative herpes treatment includes an array of natural ingredients that promise to provide natural cures for herpes, but overall are not reliable modes of treatments.

The use of natural ingredients such as garlic in the treatment of herpes is the extension of the belief that the antiviral properties of certain plants naturally fight against HSV. One of the active compounds in garlic, allicin, exhibits strong antiviral properties. Various researches show that the allicin contained in garlic shows a marked change in the replicating pattern of the HSV, under in-vitro conditions. However, actual tests on human subjects have not yielded conclusive results, so the use of garlic as a comprehensive herpes cure is still unproven.

The use of herbs for treating herpes is another alternative mode of treatment, based on the belief that certain herbs have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, which naturally stimulate the body’s own defense mechanism.

For example, chaparral is an herb used in this context. It is assumed to suppress herpes symptoms and contain any further outbreaks. Chaparral has lignan and nordihydroguaiaretic acid or NDGA, which are believed to help alleviate the herpes symptoms. Usually these herbs such as chaparral are taken as nutritional supplements, but may be applied as topical medicines as well. The intake of chaparral may be detrimental to your liver, so such alternative cures are best avoided. If you at all want to use chaparral, use caution when incorporating it into your diet or just use safe products. You can find safest chaparral herpes product by following its link. This product has been purified from the naturally occurring chaparral compounds which are harmful to the liver.

I feel that the true herpes cure is a combination of lifestyle and diet changes, stress management and right supplementation. When all these factors are used at the same time, someone can literally become herpes outbreak or cold sore proof.

If you miss one of these factors you may create a psychological or physical imbalance that may suppress your immune system and make you herpes prone. So there are not herpes cures but a herpes cure protocol.
I hope you have now a full understanding of bad and good cures for herpes
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Herpes is not something that should be treated lightly. It’s not fatal either but it slowly adding problems to the overall health and linked to other illnesses