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Very recently during a virtual hangout (because that is normal now) we were discussing relationships that are born from routine. …

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As we grow, build, and change, we keep what makes us strong.

These roots have seen many thousands of seasons — wisdoms that are old and sturdy exist within them.

Only a simple mind would do away with what’s old and strong — right?

But these can also be seen as shackles — preventing new growth, new mindsets, new thinking.

What makes sense to keep from what’s old?

Old belongings, old traditions, customs, relationships even — how do you decide what is allowed to see you through your growth, and whose time is up?

Photographer’s caption: A wall built around a tree or a tree that has grown through a wall? I’m not entirely sure. Sri Lanka.

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The rings on a tree let slip its age.

The writing on these trees are hints into people’s secrets, loves, hates, and feelings at the time.

It is interesting how we humans feel the primal need to be remembered.

We leave behind legacies, inheritances, family heirlooms, offspring, letters, and markings on trees.

Left here for perceived eternity, for the future years to decipher our secrets, our loves, our hates, our feelings; marked in time by the rings on a bamboo tree.

Photographer’s Caption: Etchings made on Giant Bamboo at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Perediniya, Sri Lanka


Her Photographs, My Words

I choose images from her archive & write a fictional take on them. I have no context about these images whatsoever. Photographer captions revealed at the end!

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