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Eat with your eyes

I spent the last years documenting the food that I ate and cooked. What started out as a small trend, is now and over hyped social media thing and a real world annoyance. 

May 23, 2013 · 2 min read

I spent a lot of time thinking about what comes next. It is part of my job, to take a look into the future of design and trends that come along. A few years ago I jump on the bandwagon, and tried to become a foodblogger. I documented my meals, my experiments in the kitchen, the wines, everything that came to my interest with food. I even managed to shoehorn food into my diploma thesis. It became a real addiction to forage through the internet and find new exciting chefs, artists and recipes. I still admire those who live this dream, but I’am fed up. I still cook, I still take photos, I still design. But the excitement to put it all together and tell a story, is long gone.

Last weekend we went to a superb Restaurant and had an amazing 6 course meal. The plates where so stunningly beautiful, that I couldn’t resist to take a photo of each plate. But with every photo I took, the feeling that I did something wrong, kept creeping up. I was sitting there, with amazing company, but every time a new plate arrived we stopped talking and drew our phones to take pictures. It is something that became so normal in the last years, but for the first time, it felt wrong. The whole rhythm of the evening was disrupted and it always took us a while to start with the conversation again.

We have this amazing machines in our pockets and all we do is take pictures of the stuff we eat? I think, I can do more, no I want to do more than that. In a world were communication is easier than ever, we all try to share our meals through pictures? It´s true, the time I feel the loneliest, is when I have to eat alone and it doesn´t get better, when share this lonely meal with whom ever looks at my tweets or Instagram feed. To come back to the opening question – what´s next? I can only answer the question for me, next time I´am in a Restaurant, I keep my phone in the pocket and for those lonely days… let´s wait and see.

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