I spend the last 2 1/2 Days in Düsseldorf to attend the beyond tellerrand conference for my fourth time. Here are some thoughts , links and takeaways. Why the hell I write in english you ask? because the confenrence was held in english and I´am too lazy to translate all of my notes

Warm Up Night

Simon Höher – Responsible Tech

*Technology is the answer, but what was the question? * – Cedric Price

WHO is the user really? Talk to the People Designers are not the targetgroup of your App 😂 User-Centered Design Human Centered Design < – better voiceover city Video

What are we Building Suprious Correlations Blog Looking only at Data, Projecting only at biosed (racial, gender)

  • Usman Haque
  • Buy a service not a product
  • Casa Jasmina prototype house
  • iotmanifesto

Day 1

Keybnote – Chris Heilmann

Sorry Chris, but this was your usual boring rant. – It’s Not ok to allow your old stuff become landfill of the web. – It’s ok that things die.

Sharon Steed – Cultivating Community

  • Twitter is a fully functioning Community. What is Community?
  • A good Community lets you focus at the World. And not at your own Problems
  • The foundations of all good Community is Empathy
  • Without communication there is no collaboration.
  • Powerful Communities are inclusive and diverse Communities.

Jina Anne @jina Design SYSTEMS – real Talk

  • The design System is like a Dragon
  • A styleguide FIRST interration is to make a the Team more productive
  • A BTN is Not a simple component as you think People don’t like to change their process
Show. Don’t tell
  • Open Source? Community? Lets think about it!
  • Marketing Strategy für den Styleguide?
  • Salesforce has 3 month release cicle
  • What does living in styleguide mean?
  • It’s Part of your Daily process
  • Educate your employees
  • Support
  • Metadata attached to componance
  • Namespacing
  • Change your mind again again again
  • Have a depricatoin Strategy
  • Avoid Silos
  • Don’t create Silos for your Teams Cross functional Teams rule!
  • Styleguide

Nadieh Bremer

  • D3 JS LIB for Visual Data
  • To fast to write

This slide from Seb Lester, with the Muisk made a tear flow. Perfect end for a super confenrence day. I know there was another talk later, but we skipped it for some good talks, food and drinks.

Day 2

Espen Brunborg

  • Good Stories rely on breaking and forfilling expectations Super nice online mag

Jeremy Keith

Trend to: – specialization – Ubiquitiy – Collaboration


  • Making hardware irrelevant
  • - Service Workers (offline cookbook, etc…)
  • Slow Geeks Kevin Kelly

Patty Toland

  • PEWResearchCenter
  • webisites with the highest convesrion rate have a loadtime of 2.8 sec.
  • Do we get Data of german speaking smartphone users (demographic) data?
  • Can we calculate how high the cost (mobiledata) of a average visit are?
  • Design and advertising
  • how high is the energy consumption of our datacenter?
  • Websites that have a higher Pagespeed are more likely to stick with the costumers and also have a higher conversion rate.
  • Picturefill

Sarah Drasner

  • WHO is Addi Osmani everybody is talking about him
  • Honey App super nice SVG animations Vue framework Talked to Søren; the best framework for JS (best of both worlds React and… whatever ;)

And the rest is history as they say. Like the last years, there where good and bad bits of this conference. I will always want to come back. I will always hate the chairs and love the oppertunity to eat on Immermannstraße in Düsseldorf.

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