How I will be using Medium

I wasn’t sure how to use Medium. Initially, I thought I could use it as the official blog which I could link from my business website. But, as I write this today, I don’t have a business or a website. So there goes that idea. I googled “how to use Medium” to search for a quick tutorial. Instead, I found something better. A video by Alaa Hassan on how to use for your personal branding.

In this video, Alaa explains how he uses as a diary in which he posts e-commerce highlights, quotes, etc., in order to build a strong personal brand. Why not try something similar?

I’ve just recently initiated my entrepreneurial journey. We are developing a business idea that revolves around helping small to medium business owners standardize and automate processes, build solid cost structures and increase knowledge on how to introduce new revenue streams. So, why not then use as a platform to document progress?

What are my expectations? Actually, they’re not that different from Alaa’s. I want to document a max of three highlights that occurred during the day. I’ll write them down and add photos and/or links, if necessary, for illustrative purposes. I’m not sticking to a specific structure, but I guess that as posts are uploaded, a structure of its own will emerge.

So there it is! Medium will be my rest stop on this entrepreneurial journey. A place to share the knowledge and hopefully add value to anyone on a similar path. Questions and feedback are accepted, thank you very much.

Enrique H.