Jodhpuri bandhgala for Indian weddings

The best thing about winter in India is neither Christmas nor the New Year, but the weddings. As we know, weddings in India are no less than elaborate festivities. And when a whole season is dedicated to weddings, one can imagine the excitement and vibrancy associated with it. When it comes to wedding, a matter which bother almost all of us is the dress we would be wearing to the weddings. As a result, we start planning for shopping multiple dresses, each for different day. And if you are the groom, the matter definitely becomes all the more important. As it would be a day you would cherish as long you are alive, you must be the best dressed on the floor. Needless to say, in order to ensure that, lots of thinking and research are in order.

When one talks about groom clothing, the first picture that might come to you is that of a handsome suit, more so, a bespoke tailored suit made of branded material. However, this might not be the case in reality. In fact, most Indian men prefer to wear ethnic clothing on their wedding day. This is definitely a very nice thing to maintain one’s traditions. And when the ethnic Indian wedding dresses for men make Indian men look dashing, there is no reason for complaining. The most common Indian ethnic wedding dress is the sherwani. A sherwani coupled with a dupatta and a turban looks classic on the groom. For the last few years, Indian grooms have started experimenting with the way they sport their wedding day sherwanis. And the classiest experimentation which has emerged is probably the pairing of the sherwani with a bandhgala jacket.

A bandhgala jacket is surely the in thing today as an outfit for the groom. Bandhgala jackets definitely look very good, if its colour is well complemented with the colour of the sherwani or the kurta worn under it. Like suits, a bandhgala jacket should also be tailored instead of purchasing a readymade one. This is because no readymade clothing can match the finish as well as finesse of a bespoke tailored clothing. All you have to purchase is the fabric for your jacket.

There are different types of fabrics available in the market for bandhgala jackets. You should choose the one which you are the most comfortable with. Also, you should consider the temperature at your place on the day of your wedding. Besides, there are different types of patterns available in the market for bandhgala jacket. The most preferred pattern style for bandgala jackets on the occasion of weddings is the jodhpuri style. The Jodhpuri bandhgala has got a royal look to it. In fact, if you learn to carry it well, you might give the bride a run for her money (just kidding!).