And no, you can’t eat it

Digital food is here, so you may as well get used to it. The recent boom in online food-based media has changed how we look at food online and seek out new restaurants, reviews, and recipes. We want to add new flavors and try new foods. Digital food is one way to make this even easier.

There’s no consensus about what the term “digital food” really means. To some, it’s the sharing of images of food on social media to represent culture, calories, presentation, preparation, and taste. A plethora of food bloggers show status by filling our social feeds with…

Augmented reality masks for the masses

Augmented reality is here. AR “face filters” — a mask-like augmented reality that adds virtual objects to an individual’s face—have become wildly popular on Instagram, Snapchat, and even video calling on FaceTime. But little attention so far has been given to face filters as AR art. Often seen as play, AR face filters can provide an engaging and personal art experience.

Traditional versus new ways of seeing

The most traditional way to consume art is through passive observation. Offline we stand in galleries and sit in concerts, and online we allow creative works to slowly and carefully infiltrate our consciousness. The passive experience permits us to…

Jessica Herrington

AR | VR | XR. Cultural + Creative computing. Visual neuroscience. PhD candidate at the Australian National University.

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