A billboard exhibition of biting satire offers a window to the soul of an Eastern European country

Each year in September, there’s the open-air billboard exhibition “ARC” (Hungarian for face) on the edge of City Park in Budapest. The hundred-ish posters on display grapple with current social, political, and philosophical issues with vigorous satire.

A juried competition, each work of art that makes it through the selection process gets to be printed on one of the 130 sq ft billboards.

I’m happy to report that this year two of my posters managed to slip through the process.

“Flag of the proud nations of Europe striving for independence”
“Budapest Prude”

In case you’re in town, I highly recommend you to go explore the exhibition. It’s a rather fun and unique experience. Though quite a few posters require a context of domestic affairs to understand, you can chat up visitors at random. Almost certainly, they will be happy to talk to you and give you some insight.

The exhibition keeps open until September 25th at Ötvenhatosok tere in Budapest, Hungary.

The article also appeared on herrorwitz.org.