Hillary is about Empowering Women and Men

Hillary is about making a community effort to enrich lives, the lives of our children, our education, and our rights as human beings. Showing that women also have a place in this world, and men should be their #1 support.

Women and Men throughout history have fallen into categories of job duties. A wife should always be this way, a man should always make the money etc. etc…..

The new age that we are all coming into is about growth. Technological growth is one factor that has allowed women to be proven more successful in their interests along with the” SUPER WOMAN” qualities it takes to handle a household, a mans needs, and overall health of any family.

Community support also consists of our congressmen, our friends, our outside resources to enrich the lives of men and women.

As human beings, no scenario is ever perfect, but her message is strong in offering support for familes , families that want to continue to grow(men and women) become better and stronger, more supportive, to make all of our dreams a possibility as a nation.

Recently i read a story where Hillary had met a women of 3 children, and imprisoned husband, she had done all she could with the minimum resources she had . She learned that her daughter was being abused which lived with her father and grandparents in which the supposide

abuser was her grandfather. She was a brain disease survivor and awaiting the long list she fell under being disabled, that increasingly gets harder to navigate in our healthcare system. She felt her hands were tied when it came to her being able to pursue charges and being able to provide support for her children. Her inmate husband had no answers to be able to help her ubtil he got out of prison , which was still undecided at the time. This woman decided to pursue technology based income to be able to provide support through the long journey she faced ahead. Technology allowed her to pursue her case, and provide support! Standing on her own for the first time ever.

Hillary stands for Justice. Hillary stands for everyone! Men and Women!