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“We are living in a culture that is so attention deficit that when anybody gives you their attention — you feel it’s important that it is acknowledged right away at some level.”

In observing a similar event recently on my co-workers social networking and branding abilities, i realized something important. As a long standing marketing director myself, we tend to look to gain more likes or clientele, it is human nature. Bigger and better is always important, but there is something about loyalty of those first customers that took a chance. That never had an advertising budget, but trusted you and took a chance. That is a feeling you can’t ever forget. Sometimes it is the simplest gesture of a phone call, a simple gesture of going out of your way to speak to someone, or even an invite to push them to even more successful business relationships. These days when it is not supposed to matter what people think, remember there is always an answer to every problem. If “likes “ or “ “clout” are the issue communication is alwaysthe key to success.