Life is real,not a mere fantasy..we have to face the truth and fight all along the challenges.The bitter truth,it will never end however,your difficulties would rise day by day, moving up to the next level is part of game.We can never deny this fact!
But,peace is part of life too.Its natural that so many times,life gives you so much stressful realities that you start hiding from the world ,but at the same time you want to let yourself open.

Have you ever felt about yourself?

Have you ever felt like occupied,suffocated,tangled.The point where you feel like dying,you feel like to go free,to lose your wings and fly like never before?

The problem is ,we have locked oursleves in cages ,to hide our burdens from the world,we are hidden in shells which depicts itself really stronger outside but inside ,its weak.

We can't run away from our lives but we can reveal the truth dug in our hearts. Some people are really afraid to say 'no’ to everybody.They are ready to help others even if its tearing the innerself apart.This is the peak time to stop caging up and burst out ‘no’.This will frustrate others but will set you free.

Learning to say ‘No’ is the first step to hammer the walls around you.This is how we cut the rope, and start to unravel the strands.

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