How to find and delete duplicate Photos on windows

Importance of Photos

Photos are important. They save the memories in time and freeze it for generations to come. Photos remind us of people, events, and beauty of a place. Photos have magic which invokes emotions in us that motivate us or cheer us in our lives.

We love to keep photos of our families, friends, relatives, and closed ones to refer it whenever we miss someone. For instance, we make different albums, like wedding albums, childhood memories album, outings album, and the list goes on.

These are not mere photos, our heart lies within it. We should save these photos carefully at one place to refer them easily anytime.

How are duplicate photos created?

We save photos in multiple devices. We copy it from one device to another, like, from our smartphones to hard drives, hard drives to pen drives and in the end when we look for photos, we get puzzled! The reason is that we save photos in multiple devices and those too similar looking pictures; obviously, we won’t be able to find out the photograph that we need!

The photo lovers who have a huge collection of photos will admit the fact that it is really difficult to manage the photos or images in the specified amount of space, especially when you are a photo- freak and click pictures in every next hour!

We click multiple pictures at a time out of which we select the best one. The remaining pictures keep lying in our device. We don’t pay attention to those remaining pictures at that time but start panicking when we run out of space. We transfer photos which result in the creation of duplicate and similar looking photos.

It is easier to find duplicate photos when the picture format is same, such as JPEG, GIF; pixels are matching, and even size is same then, we can figure out duplicate and similar photos and delete them.

On the other hand, when we edit them, change their color effects, crop the file, or resize it, it leads to the formation of a new photograph. In other words, a duplicate photo is created that adds an overhead on our storage devices.

Benefits of removing duplicate photos

Duplicate photos do nothing except for occupying space. The duplicate photos keep on accumulating in our Windows system and block the precious storage space. That is why it is important to delete duplicate photos. The benefits of deleting duplicate photos are mentioned below:

· Organized photo collection

· Helps in identifying and recovering wasted disk space

· Lessen backup size and time

· Improved performance of the system

· No repetitive photos

Removing these duplicate photos will release Windows system from clutter and give space to store more useful apps and documents.

Steps to delete photos manually

Let’s take a look how can we delete duplicate photos. Follow the steps below:

• Collect all the photos that from various devices at one place.

• Create different folders with different names, such as wedding album, outing, and birthday.

• Categorize the photos according to the names of the folders.

• Cut and paste the photos to the respective folders.

• Open each folder individually and look for duplicates by comparing their dates, picture format, and size.

• Delete the duplicate photos from each and every folder individually till the time you are done!

Make sure that you preview the photos before deleting them. It is beneficial to preview photos because it will save you from deleting important ones. This is the major disadvantage of deleting photos manually. Apart from this, it is time-consuming as well. It will take your whole day to delete duplicate photos and yet you may not get the satisfied result!

Delete duplicate photos automatically

If you don’t want to delete duplicate photos manually, then you can make use of some tool to find out similar looking and duplicate photos. There are various apps available for the same purpose which scans for duplicate photos automatically.

You need to be careful before choosing a particular application. You should first check whether it is compatible with your device or not. Along with this compatibility test, you should also check that the app supports various picture formats or not, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and RAW.

There is one Software, called, Duplicate Photos Fixer, which automatically scans for duplicate and similar looking pictures in your Windows system.

It offers following features:

• Select desired folders for scanning duplicates.

• The scanning process is super-fast.

• Results are displayed group-wise so that user can identify duplicate photos easily.

• Each group has one unmarked photo. The unmarked photo is the best photo to keep. It is decided on the basis of resolution, dimension, and date on which photo was captured.

• Puts folders in the exclusion list that you don’t want to scan.

• Helps in deleting photos manually or through auto-marking.

• Select the matching criteria for accurate results.

Regain the space occupied by duplicate photos on your Windows system now!