Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Phones

The next big challenge after having a decent Android device is to face storage space issues on your device very often. Due to abundant data Android’s storage space gets cluttered and unorganized affecting device speed and performance. To deal with it, you can consider using Cloud backup apps to take backup of all your data. In this article, we can discuss top 5 cloud storage apps for your Android device.

Google Photos: This app works perfectly specifically with a backup of photos and videos on your device. Using this app, you can back up your photos and videos automatically and find and share them easily across various devices. It offers unlimited photo and videos backup for free in High quality. Photos and video files on your device accumulate a lot of storage space thus moving them to cloud can help you recover a lot of storage space instantly. Its advanced editing tools help you enhance your photo quality with multiple filters. It even offers you automatically created collages, movies, panoramas, animations and much more from your photos.

Microsoft OneDrive: Use this cloud storage app to share and backup any of your file and document. You can take backup of your photos, documents, music files, videos and anything else. You can share and sync your data across various devices. You can easily share and edit your office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. on OneDrive. It will send you a notification whenever a shared document is edited. It offers photo tagging feature so that you can instantly find them whenever you want. You can even access your important data offline using this tool. Using this tool, you can share and access your data anytime anywhere.

Amazon Drive: You can backup any of your files like photo files, music, audios, videos, documents or anything else on Amazon drive easily. It helps you preview your photos, documents, presentations, spreadsheet and other files while backup. You can stream your audio, music or video files directly from Amazon drive from your smartphone. You can upload and share your important data from any system and preview, share and enjoy it on all other devices. You can create and edit files, create folders and move files, search files, share files links and attachments and can do much more on Amazon Drive.

Dropbox: This is another safest place to keep your data secure. Keep your photo, videos, music files, documents, emails and other files on Dropbox with utmost safety. You can store and access these files instantly anytime you want. Using Dropbox you can share large files with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. Using Dropbox you can edit your Microsoft Office files from your tablet or smartphone, back up photos and videos, send and share files and can do much more. In other options, it offers auto-photo upload, latest Android design elements, Microsoft Office support, easy file sharing etc.

IDrive Online Backup: This impressive tool offers Private key encryption to keep your data safe and secure. Using this tool, you can backup data from multiple devices using one account, sync data across devices and can do much more. It has introduced Local backup using the IDrive Wi-Fi device which is a complementary solution to online backup. With the Local backup feature, you can restore your data really fast. You can backup and restore any of your files using this tool. It offers automatic upload option for photo and videos. In other features, you can schedule backups, gallery view feature, easy sync and much more.

These amazing cloud storage apps can help you deal with storage space worries and slow performing Android device. These apps are considered to be effective tools to improve your device speed and performance significantly.

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