All About Cheilosis, and what it can cause

Hershel Loftis
Oct 17, 2018 · 4 min read

One disease that some people don’t actually talk about is cheilosis, which is an inflammation that happens and causes cracking within the corners of the mouth. It often is called cheilitis, and usually, it happens either on one side of the mouth or one side of the mouth.

It is often caused by a candida infection or a yeast infection. The yeast does grow easily in moisture and collects at the folds that are located in the mouth corners. It often happens as well if you have dentures that don’t’ fit right. The dentures may not separate the jaws in the upper and lower areas in a far enough manner, and for those who lick, rub, or do anything at the corners of their mouth, they can also develop this.

If you have health disorders including anemia and diabetes, it can also make it vulnerable.

Typically, the symptoms of this include painful, cracking, and inflamed areas, and sometimes ti can cause some weeping near the corners of the mouth.

The first thing that the dentist of the physician that you’ll go to will check is initially if you have dentures to make sure that you have those that fit. They also will ask you about the oral habits you possess, including any other habits such as licking the corners of the mouth. You may also get blood tests to see if you have immune deficiency or anemia, and from there, they also may check the bacteria in an area to check the culture for yeast infections, and from there go to treatment options.

This is actually a quick treatment though, and usually, if it is corrected, the healing is super fast.

Though, if you want to prevent it you should make sure to visit the dentist regularly to make sure that your dentures fit, and they support the face well. You should also avoid licking and rubbing the corner areas of your mouth. However, treatment focuses on eliminating causes of this, including stopping the oral habits that you have to get dentures that fit and also to apply the medicine directly onto the area affected to treat infections. That can be either a steroid, any antifungal or antibacterial medicine, and the like. For severe infections, they may want you to take antifungal pills, and usually, this is done if you have underlying medical problems.

If you do have inflammation in the corners of the mouth that s constant, you should contact your doctor or your physician.

This falls under a type of mouth sore. Now, there are various types that can develop around the mouth. Some may be painful, some may be unsightly, and some may be the cause of something more serious. Usually, if you notice anything and it doesn’t go away after 10 or so days, you should talk to your dentist. If possible, contact your dentist right away if you suspect you have an infection to eliminate any complications that are happening in this area.

Sometimes, you can get little sores that are white and caramel, and usually, they can be either contagious or not contagious. The one that you have to worry about the most is a tooth abscess, which is when there is a bacterial infection near the nerve area of the tooth. It usually involves severe toothaches and pain, any sensitivity to hot and cold beverages, and also a fever and swelling lymph nodes. If you notice that this is happening, you need to see a doctor right away since it is life-threatening.

If you have any sort of questions regarding any of these, or you’d like to talk to your dentist about this, you should go see them, or whenever you do have a checkup next, you should talk to them about any signs and questions that you might have. If you’re wondering whether or not mouth sores are a big part of your life, or if you need to worry about them, you should always consult a professional. And, if it does last longer than what it should normally be, and you have some major questions, you should talk to your lAs Vegas dentist and get help.

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