The above is what people imagine dyslexia is like. For me personally it is not like that. My form of dyslexia is pretty mild and I have worked with people whose dyslexia is considered much worse than mine.

Contrary to popular belief I love reading and I am actually a pretty fast reader. I can get through an averaged sized paper back of around 300 pages in about a week (it sometimes takes me a bit longer sometimes a bit less depending on font, line spacing and style of writing).

I am sitting here contemplating the irony of writing about dyslexia as a dyslexic, but I have never considered my dyslexia a “disability” in fact it is quite the opposite for me. I liken it to one person being able to draw a picture so life like you think it is real, if you can’t draw is this a disability? Don’t get me wrong my dyslexia has been a struggle to deal with on a day to day basis but who doesn’t have struggles to deal with on a day to day basis.

The way I have always looked at things is if it isn’t hard then its not worth doing. I think that attitude has come about because of my dyslexia and it has propelled me to think of new and different ways to use my brain.

Did I think even 3 months ago that I would start a blog? If you had told me that I would have said you were mad. There is nothing worse for me than writing long prose. These article might be quick 2 minute bite for you but it is a painful process for me to write it.

For me my dyslexia manifests itself in idea formation more than anywhere else. I will be describing to you what I think is a perfectly logical set of steps it is only when you tell me it doesn’t make sense that I have realised that I have made 10 completely logical (at least to me) steps that actually do need explaining. For me keeping my imagination under wraps is difficult small ideas become these massive grandiose plans which then become impossible for me to implement.

Through the Startup Tribe process I am learning more about myself than I probably have at any other stage of my career. We all want to be the next Richard Branson (who is dyslexic by the way) but for me it has become a bit of a mission about self discovery.

My idea that I am trying to bring into the world is a reading app for children. It will have books in a dyslexic friendly format (fonts, line spacing, changeable background colours etc) to remove the awkward barriers and allow the child to focus on the already difficult task of reading!

I feel that if we can remove 3 or 4 barriers out of 8 or 9 then a seemingly impossible tasks just become a little difficult. From being a dyslexic I know that difficult tasks are the norm for dyslexics.

If any of this resonates with you or if you want a chat, leave a message at the bottom and I will be sure to get back to you. Also if you would like to help me out please fill out my 2 minute survey.