If patient contemplation dies
and truth is lost from lovers’ eyes
and passion drives
and calm retreats,
no time to know
or heal
or sleep,
will you still trust
my love for you?
Will you still join me to pursue
this life
till death,
a promise deep
past all we’ve known,
in faith
we leap?

Poets use
Mere mortals
Add punctuation
Or maybe, even without punctuation, at least
Send the run-on sentence to
An editor
Might see
The ground-breaking grammar
For what it really
(That is, for what any student of
Communication or art

Art is a form of communication

Would say it is),
To make a long story short,
As you are
To be
Of want
By now,
I only mean to say
A good story
Or poem
Or experience, really,
Can be expressed,
Or perhaps,
Should be expressed,
In a series of cohesive thoughts
(Unless, of course,
The poet or author or artist
Expressly wishes to confuse
The reader
In a Memento-esque meta-experience),
Or should, at least, give the…

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I’ve written a couple pieces on empathy that I want to expand on here. In one I argue that empathy requires understanding unconscious motivations, and in the other I argue that acquiring empathy requires confrontation so as to provoke these subconscious feelings. One important piece I’ve left out, however, is how to build relationships in which these confrontations are possible.

At first I felt that a willingness to engage could be presupposed — if you want to discuss sex techniques you don’t begin with a couple’s first kiss, you assume both parties are already having sex and that they’re just looking for advice on how to do it better. However, just as so many sex problems are really intimacy problems, perhaps so much of our inability to empathize with each other begins with our unwillingness to enter into conversations capable of producing empathy. …


Micah Cowsik-Herstand

User advocate, software engineer, actor, musician, writer, researcher, #steminist. ‘On a scale from 1 to over-trusting, I am pretty damn naive.’ ~@KaySarahSera

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