So many things to choose from…

The University of Minnesota campus is extremely large; there is no doubt about that. With all of the different groups, classes, activities, and students, there is truly no end to the excitement that this University has to offer. That being said, a student can only participate in so many things before they start to become burned out. I, myself, am participating in a few different things, but nothing out of the ordinary. Since I’m doing this, this gives me a few different options for what I want my digital story to be about. However, there is one group that I am a participant of that has taken more of my time than anything else I’ve been doing on campus, and I really enjoy it. Therefore, I will be doing my digital story on the University of Minnesota Marching Band (aka The Pride of Minnesota).

Originally, I had some interest in participating in the service learning project. However, I soon began to realize that I already have so much going on that I didn’t really feel that it was feasible to partake in it. Plus, once I noticed that the digital story can be about a certain group that you’re in, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to show off what the U of M Marching Band (UMMB) does.

Obviously the UMMB will be a great group to write my story on, especially since it may be a little easier to interview people, as well as get numerous different photos and videos of the many different experiences that people are having there. I also like the idea of doing my project on the UMMB because it’s a great way to show the different backgrounds and ethnicities that people are coming from.

The band is made up of approximately 310–320 students, so obviously that leaves plenty of room for various backgrounds. The coolest part about the band (or any band) is that no matter what you’re background is, everyone is there because they love participating in it. Everyone has a some sort of love for making music and performing it for others. Otherwise they simply would not be there. Therefore, the UMMB is a perfect group to show in my digital story.

As a marching band member, I am very proud to be a part of the Pride of Minnesota. As I said before, it has without a doubt taken up more of my time in the last month than anything else I’ve been doing on campus thus far. It also has many people from many different backgrounds and ethnicities, but they are all there together to form a fantastic group of young adults. It will be easy and fun to interview, take photos, videos, and write about my experiences in the University of Minnesota Marching Band.

*Courtesy of Gopher Photo*