A brief history of my snowboard and me.

My last two posts were about selecting my girlfriends snowboard and why we bought a intermediate/advanced snowboard. But I hardly told anything about myself and why I’m into snowboarding. So I’m thinking at this moment, why shouldn’t I tell you about this life changing event.

In this pictures you see me failing on my first moments on a snowboard. And I really sucked. This specific weekend in Berwang 2012 I was away on my job’s skiing trip. To be honest, I was not there to learn to snowboard. I was their for the experience of being on a trip with my coworkers.

Frank said: “You are going to snowboard” and I am still grateful that he did.

The CEO of that company Frank told me there were some ski passes available and that I had to try. So I did and although that weekend I still was horrible at it. It planted the seed, the seed which has grown till.

The year after this first experience was my year of growth

At the start of 2013 I took some lessons on a sort of treadmill for ski’s and snowboards (forgive me I don’t know the name in English). On these six lessons I learnt the technical basics and a week after we went to Seefeld. But this made such an enormous difference. I had full control of my (crappy rental) snowboard. Only long flat surfaces were a major issue for me.

I absolutely loved that weekend. And then I made the decision to get my own gear.

Burton Process Flying V 162w, I love you.

My first and till this date only snowboard is my best friend on the mountain. Although I really dislike the red print I love the characteristics of the snowboard. It is playful and forgiving. Now that I think of it the red color scheme is great when you thing about the “my first Sony”-series.

It truly is an all mountain board. I can take it off piste and to the park. It has flex and pop. But I did not make use of that this year.

Next to Seefeld with Tribal, I went to Winterberg Germany that year. Together with my good friend (and coworker at the time), Raymond. We went with his friends to Germany and I had a blast with my Burton Process. I never felt as free and sure untill that point.

Raymond taught me some awesome stuff to improve my riding (keep in mind Raymond’s first snowboarding experience were at the exact same moment as mine).

The rest of that year I nearly lived at Snowworld Landgraaf for a while. Improving my technique and getting completely comfortable on my snowboard.

2014: My first full week on a snowboard.

In 2014 I went on my first week long vacation. The snow was horrible at the start of that week in January. It had not snowed since November. So it was very icy and hard to ride.

But it taught me a lot about snow (although I am nowhere near an expert). I nearly got myself a concussion because I did not account for wind on a small hill. It had blown most of some fresh snow off. Which made me crash and hit my head. I was so glad that I always wear a helmet while boarding at that moment.

Anyways this is a quick look at my experience on a snowboard. It is not that much, but soon I’ll post more about my targeted approach to get better at boarding and my research for succession of my Burton Process 162w.

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