Becoming a boarder, not only snow…

So since my 28th year alive I have been a snowboarder, only a snowboarder. Since today, literaly today, I started with longboarding. Not like the douche on the picture below. I’m not that comfortable on my board yet, but I’m off to a promising start.

Being a douchebag on a longboard with awkward shoes.

My lovely girlfriend (Kimmy) bought me a drop down longboard and a kicktail for herself. With us both not having any experience on an other board than a snowboard, I was quite anxious about my skateboarding skill. Although I went quite slow, I did get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Longboarding is something else, but not really.

And that fact I think will make me a better snowboarder. But snowboarding makes me a better longboarder aswell. The reason for this is that I I already know how to keep my weight over my front foot. Which makes pushing off a lot easier. On the other side of the coin, longboarding will make me more stable on the my snowboard.

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