Cool Startups Tools & Tips — Weekly #0

Because yes, as a programmer, I start counting at 0. From now on, I’ll try to publish every week a new digest with some useful links, articles and tips for startups. Feel free to comment and/or send feedbacks.

Good Email Copy — Email copy from great companies

The idea behind is to provide you with sample emails sent by (often large) well-known companies in different situations. You can filter by content type such as price update or welcome message. As mentionned on the website, this is an initiative from Front, a cool and startup-oriented communication tool. Free

Hey Press — Easily find relevant online journalists

Sample query for “virtual reality” keywords

Hey Press is a search engine specialized in journalists search. The idea behind this is simple: simply enter a few keywords that best describe your startup, and Key Press crawls the web for you to find influent journalists that already published about this subject. You can search up to 2 journalists per day with free plan, you’ll quickly need to upgrade to search more and get direct email addresses. Free up to 2 search/day then from $15/month — Where to get press coverage for your startup

First look can be rude, but it’s in fact a free and powerful tool. is a 2.0 directory indexing relevant medias you should contact to promote your startup. To help you choose, you can take into account number of Twitter followers, Alexa Rank, most addressed topics, regions and available platforms for each. Free

Typeform — Free, beautiful and easy to setup online forms

Run a poll, ask a simple question or even more

I’m pretty sure you already came across such a survey. Most people don’t answer surveys because they’re not appealing; Typeform is a new way of creating more engaging surveys by providing a tailored user experience. It’s totally free and easy to use for you. Drop Google Forms and try this instead. Here are survey examples that may inspire you. Free with additional features starting from €30/month.

If you’re a french startup with great ambitions, the following will please you:

Let’s help (more) French startups get into YCombinator

Alexei Chemenda, a friend I had the chance to meet a few years ago, launched MotionLead in France (with some other people), a brand new and very smart advertising solution. Quickly, they migrate a part of their company abroad in the USA and decided to apply for the famous YCombinator. MotionLead was the first french startup to get accepted in. With some other startupers in the same situation, they recently decided to launch a great and formidable project: help more French startups get into YCombinator by helping them with applications and pitches reviews and by giving tons of advices, the whole for free.

All you need to know about this initiative is in this Medium post.

That’s the first weekly “startups tools & tips”, so comments, improvement proposals and recommandations would of course be highly appreciated. To see what’s next, I use this Trello board.

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