Hervé Glon, thanks for reading and taking time to comment.
Tolu Oyewumi

Hello Tolu, thank you for taking the time to answer! Fasting is indeed a fascinating subject. I haven’t been experimenting since that dreadful experience years ago, but I am slowly preparing my mind to do it again.

If you wish to learn more about people who have completely stopped eating, look up breathanarism or pranaism on the Internet. Not all of it is truthful. Like with many issues, there is a lot of misinformation. I think that one must be fully prepared, emotionally and spiritually, to embark into such an adventure. There are the ‘wanna-be’s’, people may understand the concept intellectually, but haven’t mastered it on a soul level. One famous woman has written many books on the subject, but she herself miserably failed in just a few days a supervised test that she had agreed to.

This being said, I truly believe that we can all achieve this state where we receive all our energy from prana, or chi as the Chinese call it.

Plants get their energy directly from prana. We humans, along with other animals, eat these plants to nourish our bodies. In reality, it is not the material substance in the plants that sustains us, but the prana that we find in them. It is second hand energy. When we eat the flesh of animals, we get third hand energy. This is why we do not eat carnivorous animals, because then it would be fourth level energy. By then it is so diluted that it becomes poison. It is the same with processed foods; the original energy has been transformed, diluted, altered, polluted and weakened to a point that it no longer nourishes us properly.
It is obvious that ideally, we would get all our energy directly from the prana, the cosmic energy, in its purest form. Why can’t we do it?

This is an esoteric question, everyone will have an answer, or rather, no answer at all. The way I see it is that we do not believe that we can live without putting foods into our digestive system and gleaning their energy in the process. We have long lost our original awareness that all life force comes from the universe itself, that everything else is merely a converted aspect of it. How did we lose this awareness? This is an entirely different subject which I would not address in these few lines! Unfortunately, because we have come to believe that we cannot survive without physical food, we will quickly waste away and die without it. Yes, it is only a belief.

The good news is that mankind’s consciousness is evolving rapidly, much more than it has done in thousands of years. More and more souls are retrieving their lost memories. And so more and more people are finding ways to live healthy lives without ever shoving anything in their mouths.

I do not feel ready to get on this ship yet. It is said that our need to eat really is an emotional issue. I do foresee however a time when I too will stop eating completely. I look forward to it!

Tolu you say that you love to work out; you seem to be concerned that you would not be able to do so if you did not absorb physical food. I can assure you that on the contrary you might find yourself with much more energy than you think possible; remember how energetic you were during your fast. Some women even carry healthy pregnancies without eating. Watch this: http://nypost.com/2017/06/15/breatharian-couple-survives-on-the-universes-energy-instead-of-food/

I have shared this with you with great pleasure. Feel free to share on your blog in you wish.

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