We’re probably too busy whining and forget about start thanking.

I can’t tell how many times a week I silently complain about my life; my friends, my partner, my works, my room, my kitchen, my shoes, and everything.

Even when I get something good, when people give compliment, saying my room looks nice, my work looks great, my shoes look cute, I can not think of others but “are you trying to buy me?”.

Living a thought like this could be both good and bad. Good when the thoughts let you stay on earth and not to easily get carried away. Bad when all your vision are covered with one same thing : negativity,

One thing leads to another.

I today wanna start cherish all. A fact comes to me. A story behind starts belling me.

Seeing them, I am shy. It feels like whining over and over recently is never a good thing. I am appreciated in certain way. I get the prize not in a medal look. I am loved, I am recognized, I am there, I am worthful.

What about you?

Have you ever start to stop your steps for awhile, then listen of what others good thing are flying around?

You may have many reasons to love your life ever since. Try it.

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