Her World & His World tested the theory and it is absolutely true. Totally get your Gin in the freezer, as you just can’t beat 24/7 cold Gin.

And remember Gin is meant for cocktails and mixing only — IT IS NOT A SHOT SPIRIT!

Case in point, check out these Gin timeless and classic cocktails.

20th Century, Fallen Angel, Gibson, Gimlet, Gin and Tonic, Gin Fizz, Gin Rickey, Martini, Moon River, Negroni, Old Etonian, Pimm’s Cup, Pink Gin, Ramos Gin Fizz, Satan’s Whiskers, Singapore Sling, The Last Word, Tom Collins, Vesper, (watch The Vesper Cocktail made famous by Bond, James Bond — Casino Royale),White Lady.

How many have you had?

A few more Gin facts:

Gin allegedly originated from Holland — think of the saying “Dutch courage”, all thanks to Gin. To be a Gin it must have juniper berries as its base flavour, from there herbs and botanicals are added for extra flavour which makes no 2 gins the same as each distiller adds their own “secret recipe.”

Trying to unearth Australian made Gins was hard going. Many are still “under construction” but from what Her and His World have discovered there are some mighty fine spirits out there. So, step out of your Gin box and try these Australian made varieties:

Classic Dry: McHenry Classic Dry Gin
Best Australian Botanical: Kis ‘O’ Gin
Flavoured and aged: Bass and Flinders Monsoon Gin / McHenry Old English Sloe Gin
Best Gin for a Martini: West Winds The Sabre
Best Gin for a Gin & Tonic: Dobson’s Gin

World’s Most Expensive Gin: Nolets Reserve

Keep an eye out for further releases….from what we hear there is more distilling as we write.

As Her and His World have stated, Gin is not a shot spirit. Being the G&T lushes that we are the question arose why is it called “Indian” Tonic Water as opposed to Tonic Water? Well, we discovered the concoction of gin and tonic emerged from British Colonial India when the British would mix their medicinal quinine tonic with Gin to mask the quinine’s bitter flavour. So it stands to reason it would be called Indian Tonic Water. For those not sure what Quinine is, it is a naturally occurring medicine from the cinchona tree, for centuries it has been used for medicinal purposes for such ailments as gout and stomach issues and in later years in British India, to combat malaria.

So, if you are fast becoming a Gin fan check out the Australian bars below to have a Gin experience.







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Gin Bars around the World to discover: The Best Gin Bars in the World, The World’s Top 10 Gin Bars

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