Supernatural Dystopia

Puag thaum ub oh, in a land of supernatural beings, different clans lived in war and turmoil. Vampires hated Werewolves. Witches wanted to experiment on everybody. Serial killers were at odds with Cartoon Villains. And Ghost Pokemon were… Ghost Pokemon. Fortunately, one fated peacekeeper was able to gather them all together and unite into one community because of his awesomeness. HOWEVER! This was not meant to last. On one dark, stormy night, the grand peacekeeper was murdered! There can only be one intent for this: to force the clans to go back to war with each other! In order to bring back peace, the clan of the culprit must be eliminated! Which clan will it be? Who is the culprit? What is going to happen?

I went to Hmong Minnesota Student Association’s second workshop, Supernatural Dystopia, last Friday, held in Akerman Hall. Students were suppose to solve the mystery of which clan killed the grand peacekeeper that day. I arrived late to the workshop because I had just finished training for a job. Wennicha handed me a slip of paper that had the words, Black Ops. I was confused to why she gave me this, but she clarified I needed it for groups.The board members were already presenting what students were going to do that day. As I observed around the room, there were mostly Hmong students and some white students. The room was packed that I didn’t want to walk around to find an open seat; therefore, I sat down on a chair that was next to the door.

Introductions for the workshop was over and Kia, one of the board members, instructed the rest of us to get into groups. As soon as Kia was done, everyone raised from their seats to go look for their groups. From what seemed like a library setting turned into a party setting because of the rush to find group members. I didn’t know who was in Black Ops — it was hard to tell because everyone was everywhere. Instead of joining the right group, I went to join a group that was sitting near the windows. Once we managed to find our groups, Tong, the president of HMSA, narrated the story, the one I mentioned in the beginning, to us. He informed there were games set up at the Mall area and we would have to go outside to play them in order to solve the mystery of the grand peacekeeper’s death. After Tong finished, all of the groups sauntered to the mall area, along with most of the board members. Before I left the room, I went to grab myself a bowl of macaroni and cheese. I didn’t eat dinner and the thought of having to run on a hungry stomach was not good. The macaroni and cheese wasn’t fulfilling, but at least it was something to satisfy my hunger.

The evening was cold and breezy; even with the amount of layers I was wearing, I was still shivering. The Asian Student Union Association was having their event, Light Up The Night, held in front of Northrop. Groups were already at the stations which were led by board members. This was a competition to earn hints for the mystery; therefore, groups were rushing to complete each station. My group and I ran to a station that was led by William. On the sidewalk, there was a trail of pink chalk and Will disclosed to us that we were going to have to remember the trail for fifteen seconds, close our eyes, and walk on trail. If we walked off the trail, then we had to start all over with a new person leading the group. We failed twice; however, Will was nice enough to give our group a hint. There were many games that we played such as charades, running across from side to the other with toilet paper wrapped around us, the 3 6 9 game, where we went around saying numbers and clapping on numbers that had 3, 6, 9, and one where we had to close our eyes and find each other. At the end of these games, we would be given hints from each of the board members that would help us solve the mystery.

Everyone came back to the room and discussed within in groups to see which clan leader killed the grand peacekeeper. It was confusing at first; therefore, I didn’t know what to look for until a group member told me to separate our clan’s friends and enemies. Our enemies were tied with werewolves or zombies. Tong halted our discussion by announcing that he was going to start talking. We heard suspenseful music coming from the speakers so in that way, it made the situation even more intense. Tong went around the room and asked each clan to choose which clan killed Tong, the grand peacekeeper. A lot of the groups were pointing at werewolves or zombies . It was crazy because each group bickered about which clan was the culprit. As all the groups went, werewolves had the most tallies. Werewolves were at lost in speech because they knew they couldn’t switch the favor to another group. Tong asked us if we wanted to switch our decision but we were all set with the Werewolves as culprits. Tong told the culprit to stand up. All of us looked around the room to see who was it. As we felt like we were waiting for a long time, the culprit laughed and stood up. What was disappointing was the culprit was not from werewolves but from zombies. This culprit was Will! All of the groups were dumbfounded and frustrated that Will was the culprit. In the end, we failed to solve the mystery.