The Balance of Sleep

Although my last two posts were about how commuters stay connected to the U. I have decided to change my mind. Even though it was a good topic, I found it hard to narrow down. So I have decided to focus on college students’ life and their balance with sleep. I found this interesting because I heard that during finals week, the libraries on both the East and West Bank open very late for students to cram. I have always been told in school right before an AP test that students should get enough sleep, yet, some college students are doing the opposite when studying for exams.

The average sleep for college students should be between “7–9.5 hours”(Lai). A reason for a lack of sleep in most college students’ lives includes taking too many credits and trying to catch up with classes. Another is having fun with their peers and etc. For me, I have noticed that I have been getting more assignments in all of my classes. Such as projects and esssays after my first college midterm and it has been a struggle trying to find time for sleep. Sometimes, weekends are the best option for me and sometimes not.

What I will be mainly focusing on is how students utilize their time to get enough sleep. I want to interview some students with at least one or two althletes about their sleep schudules and what factors make them stay up late. Not only that but I would like to explore what health resources the U has for students struggling to sleep.

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Note: I am not sure if I should include myself in this project along with the other people I will be intereviewing, so I would like to know about your advices about how this can correlate or make my project better.

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Here is a quick video about sleep deprivation that I may be talking about in my future posts.

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Lai, Wei-Shin, MD. “College Students and Sleep.” College Students and Sleep. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2015.

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