I am a commuter at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I use the bus system as my transportation. I live in the east side of Saint Paul so it takes more than an hour to come to the University. I feel like there’s a lot of resources that I’m not expose to, therefore, I don’t feel like I am a part of the University. All I do is to go to school and to go back home when classes done. There’s not many places I can go to and there’s not many activities that I can attend since most activities take places late. One of my friend is also a commuter and she also lives on the eastside of Saint Paul. We share the same struggles, but I want to know if my friend and I are the only ones with this struggle or not. So I want to do a digital story about how my fellow commuters and I are dealing with this problem. I am planning to do a journal of my trips to and from school and the things that I do. I am also planning to talk to my fellow commuters to discover the struggles they are having and include our conversations in my journal. Another thing that I can do is to talk to the resources on campus that help commuters which will hopefully provide me with tips and tricks as a commuter. This can help me become an active part of the University and improve my time management skill. Overall, my initial research question will be, “Can commuter still be a part of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities’ community despite being off campus compare to on-campus students?”

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