Emily Tran

Your Name: Kang Her

Videographer’s Name: Emily Tran

Point: I believe that the main point was to be successful in school to persue a high pay job.

Dramatic Question: No

Emotion: I could really relate to your story because I also experience the same thing with my mother.

Voice: Your voice was good. I know that I also can’t record my voice like it contain emotion, but it will be a great factors to your video if you can do it especially when you are talking about family (a touchy topic).

Soundtrack: You should add a soft soundtrack that dramatic rises towards the end when you tell about how you will work really hard.

Economy: Like Erika, yours was alos about family. In Erika’s, she started with pictures from her childhood to now. I think you should do that too since you talked about growing up and the changes you encounter.

Pacing: The pacing was good. It was not too fast or too slow.

Additional comments: Nice job with the story. I’ll love to know more about your journey to figuring everything out.

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