Whimoon no longer kissed Hwa-hwa as promised, but still her body I hugged somebody and slept. At first, he hated it and recalled his promises, but gradually Familiar with his warm arms, he would find his own in the cold dawn. “Hwa, wake up. I’ll show you something very pretty.” After a week, Whimoon naturally began to call her name, and the painting was the first one. “I don’t know why I’m angry when I was yelling at you. Tired out, I finally allowed him to call his name. How dare you call the name of a yellow girl “No…

“I couldn’t even eat properly because of you. Now you’re as much trouble as Hye-ryu, aren’t you?”
As soon as I knew it, I walked to the hut where the painting first opened, and I walked in the curtain.
He carefully laid down the painting. To the man who had just felt warm to him.
Angry, Hwa-hwa quickly leaned against the wall and glared at him. I had to hate him.
Everything. Even though he’s in a position where he can’t even dare to look at the yellow woman, he’s got her on his mind. …

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