Christian Funeral Services and Package in Singapore

Vin T
Vin T
Aug 25 · 2 min read

Christians believe anyone who has professed their faith in Jesus Christ is actually eternally secure and protected in heaven to be with God, the father. Therefore, the funeral service is one with themes of encouragement, hope, and the afterlife.

Christian funeral services aren’t sad but yet more of a Life Celebration for the passed. The services tend to be uplifting and offer hope in understanding that their beloved is with god, the father of their life.

Christians perceive death as being an entrance to a better place. Friends and family members are comforted to learn that their cherished one is at peace in paradise. To the Christian, it is an assurance of their destiny in accordance with what the Bible states about faith in Jesus and life after death.

A few Christian Funeral Resemblances throughout the vast majority of Denomination -

1. Open Casket Viewing — It is not uncommon in Christian Funerals for the casket to stay uncovered throughout the wake for family, friends, and relatives to pay their last respect.

2. Commendation — Either held at the funeral home or in Church, The Christian Funeral Service usually draws to a close with a finishing commendation in which the deceased is commended to the care and loving mercy of God.

3. Committal — This often occurs at the crematorium or final resting ground. This generally is a very solemn moment in which the body is committed back to earth with the hope of rising again to eternal life in God’s glory.

The order of service involves -

1. singing of hymns, a soloist, scriptures,

2. a short message, the prayer given by the pastor,

3. some also perform a video presentation of the deceased photographs, plus a time of sharing by friends and family.

The time of sharing by friends and family is certainly a time of encouragement. This is the time individuals voluntarily speak to the bereaved family and attendees, on how the deceased has influenced or caressed their life. Normally after all these testimonies, people who are in attendance are enormously encouraged.

Following the service, there could also be a short fellowship reception with snacks and refreshments at the church. Normally, there isn’t any graveside service, however, some do choose to include it.

Why Use Christian Funeral Services and Package?

In a funeral, it is sometimes hard to even make the smallest of decision, a knowledgeable Funeral Director, experienced with Christian Funeral arrangements can be really valuable. They have the know-how to deal with all kinds of Christian Funerals. More to the point, their staff are attentive and understand the grief a family confronts the death of a loved one. They will always make sure that all funerals they handle are properly co-ordinated.

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