The Dangers of Greek Life in Colleges

Back in the good ole’ days, joining a fraternity or sorority was a great idea to kids who were dedicated to their studies and wanted to gain some sort of connection system from their professions. Young men and women were being thrown out into the world for their first time and were excited to join these “connection systems” such as fraternities or sororities. Greek life was the best way to find help into your certain profession.

Nowadays, it’s a bit different.

Young men and women are waiting to break free from their parents control and join these Greek lives for different reasons. Some kids still may want to create these strong grounds for their professional lives, but most are expected an alternative.

These fraternities and sororities are giving off bad ideals for new students. Such as enticing them with the best parties with the best booze, or with the hottest girls or guys. Young adults are flooding these application rooms of Greek lives in hopes to be chosen to join these epic opportunities.

This is dangerous for many reasons. Within the last ten years, fraternities and sororities have been exposed for what they really are and for the real dangers that they have. The increase of deaths from Greek life parties or hazing has skyrocketed and keeps getting higher and higher. Also, the fraternity and sorority member’s safety is at a high risk. With the growing interest in this kind of lifestyle, the numbers of women being sexually assaulted or raped is increasing as well.

Greek life now is a dangerous and corrupt system, and something needs to be done to protect these kids.