Vegetarianism: Healthy Lifestyle or Not

This is not a large issue you would regularly hear about in the world today, but it has been brought up in my family many times ever since my sister became a vegetarian. Our family and friends would always ask the most vague question ever… why. Anytime we would be at a family event or any other event someone would ask my sister why she was a vegetarian and then laugh in her face about that decision. Being the protective older sister I am, sometimes, it frustrated me. It’s like asking why someone like the color blue and then laughing in their face about it.

She is a smart girl and would bring up crazy statistics on how living this lifestyle is actually very healthy for a human. I have learned many things from her throughout the years, and at one time I had tried to live this lifestyle as well. It did not go too well because I am weak for bacon.. Anyways, it’s 2016, and I think it is time for people to become less close minded and open their eyes. If only they knew what they were putting into their bodies, they would be like my sister and be laughing at the people who do eat meat.

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