Super Bowl Ads 2017

Skittles commercial

Every year, thousands of companies make hundreds of commercials to air during everyday television. But once a year, a select few get a chance to show off their commercials in a manner that would sell the most product. This year the company Wrigley, the producer of Skittles, got a chance to showcase their creative commercial in an effort to increase their profits.

This commercial illustrates a young teen attempting to get his assumed girlfriends attention by throwing skittles through her window. Little does he known that inside her bedroom, her family plus some few guests are taking advantage of this opportunity and eating the skittles he throws to her.

Obviously this ad is aimed towards a younger audience because of the teen romance that is evident. Also, towards the last few seconds of the commercial, a puppet like creature appears to catch the last of the skittles which would only be effective advertising if it was meant to entertain kids and teenagers. What can be also considered “effective” is that they used a storyline that was consistent throughout the whole commercial and it was not hard to follow along to what was happening.

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The only thing I would consider ineffective advertising is that fact that the creators of this commercial only appealed to one type of audience rather than a wide range.

For this commercial the obvious product being sold is the candy Skittles. But what someone could consider a second object being sold is the fun and adventure that comes with buying this candy.

Although this commercial seems to be one of the funnier ones aired during the Super Bowl, it’s funny how we start to pay more attention to ads during this big event. Many people, like me, just watch the Super Bowl for the sole purpose of seeing these ads aired. Sometimes people consider the excessive money spent on commercials a waste. But others feel it’s necessary for the survival of certain companies to compete in the world of business.

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