One Day I will Quit!

I live my life dreaming looking for the day I am gonna quit my corporate job.

The day when I leave all this noise and stress around me. And live a whole new life.

And I don’t mean finding another job in another corporate doing the same job with more money in my same or relevant area of expertise.

No, I mean by quitting starting a completely new job and new career and hence a complete new life that I have never been part of before.

A completely new field to me. A big shift in the way I deal with life.

This new world will have few aspects as I imagine it by now. Rather than listing what exactly the job could be, (as i don’t know yet exactly what it could be) I will try listing how it should look like.

It shouldn’t be an office job.

In this new job I don’t want to be all the day long sitting on a desk and have to read or type things on the computer.

I want to be mobile at least 50% of my work time…

It should involve dealing with people

This new job it should involve a reasonable amount of communicating with people. One of the most miserable facts of our current jobs, is that most of the times we are dealing with machines. We sit most of the day only looking at the screens. I believe that is what makes a lot of people’s lifes nowasdays miserable.

It should have direct effect on making other people happy.

Well I have to say I mostly feel satisfied about myself when I see other people happier because of something that I did to them.

Somebody could say that your current corporate job could be making people happier. That could be true, but I don’t have DIRECT touch with this effect.

I need to see, feel, and live it by myself. That’s what can make satisfied with my job

It should be humble. not fancy

Some Examples of what could these jobs be:

  • Planting And/Or Selling Affordable Organic food : Clean food makes people happy!
  • Working with people to help open their own businesses and own their own living
  • Educating young kids (mainly mathematics and physics) : this is the nearest to my heart.
  • Hotel Manager : this is one of the most jobs by which I think you can make people happy

When this day will come ? I do not know , but I am sure one day it will come …

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