Prepare for your job interview

Hi all.

Yesterday we had our mock interviews at DirectFN private Ltd. And I could learn many things from this interview. So I thought of sharing my experience with you all 🙂 Following are the most important points you need to pay your attention when you go to an interview.

Your CV

First thing is our CV. Our CV should reflect our skills, knowledge and experiences. So it should be very creative and we should always try to highlight the important facts of our CV.

  1. Use clear fonts, font colors, and more white spaces in CV.
  2. Bold main plus points which should get the attention of the interviewer from the first look.
  3. Use a pleasant photo which focus your face.

Your Intro

In most interviews, the first thing they ask is a brief introduction of yourself. In this, we should know what they expect from us, otherwise we will be dismissed at the very beginning. They are not expecting our personal details, family or age. The university details are already in the CV. What we need to focus is, the important things we have not included in CV. As an example if you like mobile application development you can mention it in intro. This intro is the first thing they use to measure us. So we should concern about the content of this intro. Include some technical details, like projects you are interested in, areas you like to learn, technical and interpersonal skills you’ve got.

This question is an opportunity you get to open the discussion and to tell the interviewer about the fact you want him to know.

I found this article regarding this “Tell me about yourself”. Worth reading:

“Tell Me About Yourself” Answers (Examples Included)

Technical side

You should have a deep, complete knowledge about the technologies you have included in the cv. And also you should be confident enough to explain those technologies. If you have mentioned you are good at java development, definitely you will have questions from java basics, concepts and new trends of java. Other thing is the things you learned at the university. Algorithms, databases, OOP concepts, Concurrent programming, security etc.. When explaining some concept or a theory try to use many examples as possible.


When they ask to explain a project, you should be wise to give the expecting answer. You should have a very good understanding of your project and the technologies used for the project. The role you play in the project development will be asked by the interviewers. Then you should be able to say I do this part of the project and these are the technologies we used for this and this will give this kind of output at the end. Also you need to be aware about why you chose the using technologies over other technologies. You should be very confident about the things you talk. If they feel like you have not done a good job in this project, it will be a minus mark. The interviewers may ask you to explain the architecture diagram of your project. So it is better if you can pre-prepare for that. You should be able to indicate the practical usages of the project and the way you are planning to test the final outcome in real world.

These are the key points I identified from my mock interview. I thank the interviewers both technical and HR. They explained things very clearly and showed us the mistakes we do and things we have to improve. They motivated us to do the best at interviews.

I think this will be helpful for the people who face interviews in near future. Good luck with your interviews.

Originally published at on November 5, 2016.