I began this essay by saying that Obama’s $400,000 oligarchic shill job was a bookend. I did that because, in what was easily the single most important and egregious WikiLeaks email of 2016, we learned that Wall Street was calling the shots in the Obama administration before the Obama administration even existed. Before he was even elected, an executive from Citigroup (the corporate owner of Citibank) gave Obama a list of acceptable choices for who may serve on his cabinet. The list ended up matching Obama’s actual cabinet picks once elected almost to a ‘t’.
If Progressives Don’t Wake Up To How Awful Obama Was, Their Movement Will Fail
Caitlin Johnstone

You’re grossly overstating how much the list matched the final 2008 cabinet.

There are suggestions for 31 positions and 69 names, with some names put forward for different positions. Of these 69 names, 17 make it into the 2008 cabinet and 14 of those into one of their suggested positions. However, there are also 13 members of the final cabinet who aren’t even on the list. (I couldn’t figure out what “Energy Council” refers to, so the math doesn’t add up completely.)

I’m not disputing your claim that Obama was too soft on Wall Street. However, your insinuation that Obama’s cabinet was dictated by Citigroup is not borne out by the email. Froman, the author of the list, knew Obama from his time at Harvard, so it’s not a total surprise that he became an advisor on Obama’s transition team.

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