My Experience in Andela Day 3

My experience at Andela Day 3 has been a whole new one. The challenges i have done have completed so far have got me really interested in python programming. My career in software development seems to get clear as i complete each Day’s challenges

My teammates have really been a great help especially Simon, who went beyond his limits to explain the concepts i didn’t understand. It has helped me know there is quite a lot we can learn from each other when we go ahead and ask.

However, one thing i didn’t anticipate is power going off and having to search for other places where i can get access to power. Just like the my facilitator mentioned early this week, i quickly informed her about my predicament and she advised accordingly. Am grateful that as am writing this i have power in abundance.

Ironically, this is the first day of all the days challenges that i have been able to complete before 4:30pm. This is because of the great collaboration saved plenty of time. Am looking forward to other challenges with confidence knowing that with great collaboration all tasks can be handled within time.

Am very GRATEFUL to Andela


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