Garnish Like a Pro.

There are endless ways to garnish a simple dish to give it that wow factor. Below are some of our Hestan Cue chefs recommendations for an easy way to step up your presentation.

Fresh Herbs: Whether freshly picked or thinly sliced, placing herb leaves nicely on top of a dish gives a pop of color and great flavor. Many chefs use “fine herbs” which means a combination of parsley, chervil, chive, and tarragon leaves.

Microplaned Nuts: Taking a toasted nut and micro planing it over the dish right before you serve it gives it an unexpected and nice detail.

Pickled red onions: Take sliced red onions and pour hot pickling liquid over top and let sit until onions turn hot pink. They give a great crunch as well as a bright color. (Heat 1 cup water + 1/2 cup sugar + 1/2 cup champagne vinegar until it just comes to a boil)

Microgreens: These tinier versions of their larger counterparts are becoming more available in grocery stores like Whole Foods. They usually come in small plastic containers near the boxed lettuce section and come in varieties such as arugula, basil, watercress, or radish. They give a beautiful garnish that also has a mild herbaceous flavor.

Scallion/Chive: Thinly slice either of these (try slicing the scallion at an extreme angle to get an even more unique shape) for a nice pop of green, crunch, and onion flavor.

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