Hello World!

At Hestan, we want to inspire, guide, and equip people that love to cook. We are building the kitchen of the future for home cooks. We started our mission almost a year ago and have been working very hard ever since. And now, we are gearing up to introduce the Hestan Cue, a ground-breaking smart cooking system.

At the core of our approach was to assemble a strong team that brings all the required disciplines together in one product: craftsmanship in culinary arts, industrial design, media creation, software, mechanical and electrical engineering, and manufacturing. Hestan Cue is set to become the engine of culinary progress, propelling the home cook to excellence in the kitchen.

Hestan Cue will provide confidence for every home cook. One of the biggest challenges in the home kitchen is to cook food with consistent quality. With the proper step-by-step guidance and precise temperature control, anybody can get exactly the outcome they desire. Would you like your salmon filet medium-rare with crispy skin? Done. No more stressing out about whether it’ll be overcooked or undercooked.

Hestan Cue will make you cook recipes and ingredients you never dared to try. It’ll make you break out of your routine. Knowing that things turn out well, it isn’t much of a risk anymore. That sounds really fun, right? It is. Especially for us, as we watch folks who test Hestan Cue say “I can’t believe I cooked that!”

Most exciting, however: we built it with the goal that cooks improve their skills as they cook with Hestan Cue. With every new dish you end up learning a new trick. Sometimes a simple additional step makes your food taste so much better. A little guidance and inspiration with plating makes it look like it came from the hands of a professional.

Follow us along as we bring Hestan Cue into the kitchens of this world. Want to join us on this mission? Drop us a line!

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